About Our Service

DEstination tRavel


So the time is fast approaching for that destination wedding to St. Bart's and you realize you don't know what to pack for your trip. Or you've planned a girlfriend getaway to Fiji and can't figure out what clothes are best suited for this destination.  

Let the team at The Closet Consultant put together some great outfit options and do the packing for you.  Set up an appointment in advance and we will select the perfect outfit choices for you!

● We will free up time so you can take care of the other important things on your to do list before your trip

● We will create and summarize your vacation ensembles

● Organize and pack your luggage for your destination

This service must be booked with a minimum of 3 hours.




Having a difficult time figuring out what to keep or get rid of in your closet?  Do you stand in front of your closet every morning feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear?

Those items that are no longer essential to your wardrobe will be purged, and will be suggested as to what to get rid of, donate, and sell on consignment.  

● Editing what you already own to create individuality through your everyday dress

● Eliminating pieces that no longer work with your wardrobe

● Creating a shopping list to fill in the necessary gaps to purchase new pieces that will be an investment 

● Dropping off any pieces no longer useful to the charity of your choice to save you time and be cost effective

This service must be booked with a minimum of 3 hours.



Closet Organization

Unhappy with your closet and the way it looks?  Wouldn’t you love to have a functional closet that meets your personal needs? 

The Closet Consultant will organize and revamp your clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags to utilize your space, making it more accessible and enjoyable!

● Give your closet a complete makeover

● Providing you the vision of a dream closet without you  having to do any of the work

● Reorganize and revamp your closet space

● Creating a functional closet that reflects your own personality

This service must be booked with a minimum of 3 hours.




Do you struggle with what to buy when shopping? Or are you just overwhelmed with so many options to choose front?

We'll if this is you, don't fear we can accompany you or shop independently for you.

● Eliminates making a trip to the mall by yourself

● Purchase key pieces that can be worked into your everyday wardrobe

● Do your holiday shopping

● Compose looks for special events

This service must be booked with a minimum of 3 hours.




Not big on shopping at the mall or maybe you live in another city and can't work with me in person. 

Well this virtual service gives you access of having a personal shopping experience all via online.

  • Style virtual consultation to find out what your style type is and what you love.
  • I will shop the hottest online stores and select the best pieces fit for you via internet.
  • All items that have been selected to achieve your style goal will be entered into a saved list where we will go over all selections.
  • All communication will take place via phone, Skype, email, and or texting; whichever works best for you.